Analysis of Major Characters



John is the son of Linda and Director. Linda got pregnant with him when the director and she were at the Reservation.  Throughout his life he knew that the reservation especially because he was not allowed to do the rituals with the Indians and he knew that it was not the place for him and he longed to go to the World State.  But once he got to the World State he was rejected in that society too.  He felt so lonely because we could not fit in either place.  He loved Shakespeare and the stories helped him cope with his own feeling.  John’s rejection and his failure to stop loving Lenina eventually lead to his suicide.  Shakespeare’s tragedies also are a parallel to John own suicide.  The conflict and characters not being able to fit in was a common theme in this book and it was a huge problem for John.

Bernard Marx

Bernard tries to go against the society because he believes the values of the World State go against his morals.  He is portrayed to be less than all of the other citizens in the society.  During his trip to the New Mexico Savage Reservation he feels alone, helpless, and secluded.  But after Bernard goes into the Reservation and brings John back, he becomes popular and with his popularity he falls in to the society’s beliefs that he previously said he disagreed with.  I think that the author is trying to get at is all people want to feel is being accepted.  John becomes angry and feels like he is only being used by Bernard to gain popularity. Once his popularity goes away he goes back to his old beliefs and people call him a hypocrite. Lenina uses him as a social gain but her true feelings lie with John. 

Mustapha Mond

Mustapha Mond holds one of the most powerful and influential positions in the World State. Throughout the book the reader can get a sense that he knows more than the average World State citizen. Although he is the head of the society, there is something different about him than the other characters.  Later in the novel the reader finds out that he reads the Bible and Shakespeare’s plays and that he was almost exiled for his independent way of thinking.  He puts happiness and stability above many other values including individuality.

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