Grimm’s Notes Quiz:

Brave New World

  1. What is the name of the pill characters take?

       a. Soma           b. Tylanol

       c. Feelies         d. Melatonin


2. What transportation does the community use?

       a. car               b. train

       c. plane           d. helicopter


  1. What group is highest in civilization?

       a. Epsilons        b. Betas

       c. Alphas         d. Gammas


  1. Who is the communities “God” figure?

       a. Martin Luther King Jr.        b. George W. Bush

       c. Brad Pitt                              d. Ford


  1. When did stabilization begin?      

        a. 1956                                     b. After the Civil War

       c. After the nine year war         d. the turn of the 21st century


  1. Who is John’s dad?

       a. Ford                             b. the director

       c. Another Savage          d. Trick question, he does not have a father       


  1. What is the name of the civilians “movies” as we call them?

       a. watchers           b. filmcatchers

       c. feelies              d. soma


  1. Who goes to the Savage Reservation?

       a. Bernard and Lenina          b. Fanny and Lenina

       c. The director                      d. Bernard and the Director


  1. What is the corner stone of the civilization build on?

       a. love              b. war

       c. stability       d. happiness


  1. What is the setting of Brave New World?

       a. London           b. America

       c. Mexico           d. France


  1. What does John do in front of the reporters?

       a. kisses Lenina                  b. whips himself

       c. curses numerous times   d. hangs himself


  1. How does John kill himself?

       a. with a gun           b. overdose on soma

       c. hangs himself     d. starves himself


  1. Why does John kill himself?

       a. He can’t have Lenina                                              b. He dislikes his appearance

       c. The Brave New World is not what he expected     d. His mother died



  1. _F__  People are allowed to sew old clothes.
  2. _F__  People are allowed to research and invent things.
  3. _F__  Bernard is perfectly happy in the Brave New World.
  4. _T__   People don’t care when others die.
  5. _F__   John goes back to the Savage reservation after he leaves the new world.
  6. _F__   John likes the Brave New World.
  7. _F__   The community believes people should be in love and marry.
  8. _T__   The community does not believe in abstinence.
  9. _T__   The bible is banned in the new world.
  10. _T__   People are not allowed to choose their jobs.
  11. _T__   Mothers and fathers do not exist.
  12. _T__  Everyone owns everyone.
  13. _F__   People are allowed to have children.


Short answer

  1. What are the differences between the Savage Reservation and the New World?

In the Savage Reservation people are allowed to make their own choices, things are dirty, uncontrollable situations occur, and family exists. In the New World, people are forced to take soma and are sleep taught to believe things, individuals do not exist, love and marriage is forbidden, and freedom is not even a concept.


  1. What is the author’s opinion of the new world?

The world (presently) is healthy in that is it not perfect, but people are happy.  When the new world tries to control too much, happiness is limited, and choice is no longer an option.


  1. Why does John hang himself. (Explain)

After learning of the new world and its lies, John no longer believes he can reach the truth of life.  The new world has ruined what is good and right, and has tried to put chains on freedom and individualism.  Being happy is not necessarily perfection, but it is accepting that perfection and seeing the beauty in friendship, family, and community.  With John’s mother dead, and Lenina out of reach, he realizes he has nothing to live for if he cannot be himself in the new world.


  1. Does this book reflect the future?

It all depends on the people of the present. If laws are set to try to “control” too much, it may happen, but if we can be happy with imperfection it may remain the same.  (Answers may vary with all short answer, these are only examples)

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