Background on Brave New  World

A Brave New World  was written during the industrial revolution. During this time period, the theories of Karl Marx were being put into practice by many nations. The combination of a Totalitarian government and the control that technology offers over a nations people. For Huxley shows the detachment from others as the need for others dwindle as technology gives individuals more freedom. This being the fear for many of this time period, many like Huxley felt that society would isolate istself emotionally permanently. Huxley sets the future of the World Order after a Great War that divided the world in two, much as the Great War did. Huxley also draws parallel with the quest for social dominance with that of the Nationalist thinking men who created the single minded men who started the wars. Perhaps the biggest parallel is in this distinct similarity, since both Nationalist men and the members of the World Order both are driven towards the goal of the unity as the whole, and seperate themselves totally from their own desires and needs.

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