Plot Overview

Central London Hatching and Conditioning Centre is where the Director of the Hatchery giving a tour to a group of boys. The boys learn about processes that allow the Hatchery to produce thousands of babies from very few embryos. They all belong to one of five castes: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, or Epsilon this is where they get their social class system.  Lenina Crowne tells to the students how she vaccinates embryos.  In the Nursery the director shows where they observe a group of infants being reprogrammed to dislike books and flowers. He then tells the boys about the method of talking while they infants sleep to teach children the morals of society.  Mustapha Mond explains the history of the World State and the focus of the society. Lenina talks with Fanny Crowne in the bathroom about her relationship with Henry Foster. Bernard hears a conversation between Henry and another person about “having” Lenina and he becomes disgusted.  Lenina accepts Bernard’s invitation to go on a trip to the New Mexico Savage Reservation. Bernard is embarrassed.  The Director tells a story when he visited the Reservation a woman many years earlier. He says the woman was lost and never recovered. Bernard finds out that he might be exiled to Iceland. On the reservation they meet Linda and John. Linda is the woman that the Director lost and John is the baby that she was pregnant with.  John does not fit in at the Reservation and finds a comfort in the writings of Shakespeare.  John and Linda go back with them to the World State.  John and Lenina start to have an attraction with each other.  John becomes popular in the World State and Bernard also becomes popular for finding them.  John decides he does not want to be someone that Bernard uses to gain popularity.  Linda dies from taking a soma overdose and John starts a riot in the hospital. John and Mond argue about the World’s values. John dislikes them and Mond seems to slightly agree with the misuse of these values. John tells Helmholtz and Bernard goodbye and goes to a light house to beat himself.  After the next morning he wakes up and hangs himself.

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